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One of the world leaders in software solutions

  • €60 M in Turnover in 2022

  • 380 employees in 2022

  • 8 international subsidiaries in 2022

  • Siparex ETI – Minority Operation in 2018



TOPSOLID is one of the world leaders in CAD/CAM/ERP software solutions in particular for the metal and woodworking industries. It also offers simulation solutions as well as a workshop tool management software. Founded almost 40 years ago, TOPSOLID, which made almost 60% of its turnover abroad in 2022, employs 380 people around the world and has 9 subsidiaries in France and abroad.


Operation Context

In 2018, after a period of sustained growth, the Group’s 3 founders wanted to transmit TOPSOLID’s operational steering to the management team led by Richard Lamure. It was in this promising context that Siparex ETI invested at the end of 2018 as TopSolid’s majority shareholder. At the time, the group was achieving around €44 M in turnover, a figure that had been growing constantly thanks to the group’s incremental model of perpetual licence sales tied to yearly maintenance contracts and training.

Our Support

Siparex ETI, leading a pool of investors, became the Group’s minority shareholder in December 2018. Above and beyond the transmission between the three founders and a new management team led by Richard Lamure, the operation aimed to accelerate the Group’s development.

Our backing was based on 2 key objectives: the achievement of external growth in order to allow TopSolid to offer its clients a comprehensive package, and the Group’s digitalisation.

The ETI team accompanied TopSolid with its sustained external growth strategy, which allowed it to acquire software editors that mean it could complete its offer in terms of products and distributors. Today, TOPSOLID has a real “One Stop Shop” offer for 4.0 factories, comprising a full, complementary, and international range of products and services for its clients.

With the active backing of the Operating Team, a veritable digitalisation strategy has been implemented. Today, the development of an SaaS offer and improved lead capture on the Internet allow the generation of around €2 M of supplementary turnover. Backing was also provided for the recruitment of a Marketing Director in order to make this digitalisation strategy long-term. The Siparex ETI team also participated in recruiting a Deputy CFO, which has allowed for greater structuring of the Group.

TOPSOLID’s turnover went from €44 M in 2018, to €60 M in 2022.

For us, Siparex is the right choice as it’s a major player in finance in France, with expertise in industry, but above all because it's an actor that builds strong relationships with company management, in particular through its operating team
Richard Lamure CEO of TOPSOLID


TOPSOLID is a Siparex ETI portfolio company, discover the team in charge of the investment

Alexandre TREMBLIN

Partner Siparex ETI


Investment Manager
Siparex ETI


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