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International expansion

€125 M under management

A competitive network

with establishments in Italy, Belgium, and Germany

Operational and Financial Partnerships

in Tunisia and Canada

International funds in Canada and in Italy

A competitive international network

We help companies to transform and develop internationally. Whether in carrying out successful external growth, seeking business partners, or setting up subsidiaries, we support companies in accelerating their international expansion via our network in Europe, Africa, and North America.

The Funds

The Fonds Transatlantique

The Fonds Transatlantique, which has a value of €75 M, is jointly managed by Siparex and Desjardins Capital, and allows for joint investment in SMEs in France and Quebec to accompany their growth.

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The Fonds Siparex Investimenti 2

With €50 M under management, the Fonds Siparex Investimenti 2, launched jointly with the Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, accompanies the growth of Italian SMEs and ISEs.

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The Investment and Development team is the key contact point for institutional and family office investors to our funds.

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