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Fonds Transatlantique
- Support companies in France and Quebec

€75M under management

Majority or minority position

Company profiles:

Companies in France and Quebec whose turnover is generally above €15M

Investment tickets:

An investment capacity in private equity as of €4.5 m

A Franco-Canadian Fund

The €75 M Fonds Transatlantique is jointly managed by Siparex and Desjardins Capital and allows for joint investments in SMEs and ISEs in France and Quebec with an aim to accompanying their growth.

Desjardins Capital manages private equity investments for Mouvement Desjardins, the leading cooperative financial institution in Canada, which has total assets of $397 Mds. Desjardins Capital was founded over 45 years ago, and has a total of $3 Mds of assets under management and accompanies companies throughout all the regions of Quebec.


  • Testimony of Solotech CEO
  • Testimony of Texelis CEO

A bicultural team.

Thanks to a team based in Paris and Montreal and recognised expertise in developing companies in France and North America, the Fonds Transatlantique offers concrete means of support (business missions, creation of subsidiaries, cross-border acquisitions…)

Antoine KRUG

Senior Investment Manager TiLT
Partner Fonds Transatlantique

Christine BUTEAU

Senior Investment Manager Fonds Transatlantique Desjardins Capital

Quentin BRIAS

Senior Investment Manager Siparex ETI


Partner Fonds Transatlantique
Senior Investment Manager Desjardins Capital

Delphine LE GENTIL

Investment Manager Fonds Transatlantique Siparex

Jean-Philippe COITEUX

Senior Investment Manager Desjardins Capital, Fonds Transatlantique

A flexible investment capacity

The fund benefits from Siparex’s networks in France and Europe, and Mouvement Desjardins’ networks in Quebec and the rest of Canada. This brings greater structuring and financing flexibility (shares/bonds, majority/minority, etc.) that can mobilise significant funding.

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