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exit Transport and logistics Midcap


Bracchi mainly specializes in industrial transport and logistics concerning lifts and escalators but also is a specialist in overload transport of tractors and farm machinery. The company’s central warehouses are located in Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Germany.
active Industrial equipment Fonds Transatlantique

Groupe Rondot

Groupe Rondot specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of mechanical and electronic engineering products for the hollow container glass industry. The group markets a dozen product families targeting the enhancement of the productivity in the production lines, at every stage of the manufacturing process of glass bottles and containers. The group produces parts and equipment in its 5 production sites based in France and Great-Britain.
exit Various services Midcap


Viasphère is one of the French leaders in services to individuals and corporations. The group is currently a multispecialist service provider through 6 business units: mobile hairdressing services under the brand name Viadom, home help services under the brand names Mé and Merci+, BtoC technical assistance for small home-based DIY jobs and IT home support under the brand name OK Service, technical support to business networks, social housing maintenance and installation of Linky and Gazpar smart meters.
active Trading and distribution Midcap


The Lacoste company specialises in distributing office and school supplies. Originally positioned in the market of consumable office supplies, the company has gradually extended its product offer to include office furniture and school stationery for schools, while regularly adding new products to its lines in order to become the only provider for all its clients’ facilities management.
exit Printing and publishing Midcap


Mediascience Group designs, manufactures and markets pedagogical tools for teaching experimental science and technology in primary, secondary and higher education. Mediascience has a policy of exclusive quality products, completed by a range of carefully selected trading equipment. It has three main companies: Jeulin, Technologie Services and Ovio.