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active Mechanical engineering and metalworking Midcap

Nowak specialises in precision casting for the industry sector (safety parts, industrial valves, construction…) and the medical market (orthopaedic implants, ancillary products). Nowak operates in several growing niche markets from which it has gained great reference and has developed its well-known client base. Renowned for its expertise in lost wax technology which enables the designing and manufacturing of complex alloy parts, Nowak is, in particular, the only independent French player having a manufacturing unit dedicated to the medical field.
exit Various services Midcap


Plurima is a service provider specialising in archiving and document management, in particular for the medical field and the Italian public administration as well as private clients. Located in the Perugia region (Umbria), the company has about fifteen logistic sites in northern and central Italy.
active Agribusiness Midcap


The Packing group specialises in wine storage, packaging and logistics. It relies on 2 industrial sites: Sobemab in Burgundy and 3S in the Languedoc region that have wine cellars for storage and preparation of wines (blending, filtering…), flexible packaging lines adapted to a large variety of containers (over 180 bottle models mainly made in glass or PET, and bag-in-box) and warehouses for the storage of finished products, the order processing and shipping management. Packing offers to wine growers and merchants a full range that meets their needs in terms of packaging and quality control and logistics.
active Various industries Midcap


SAIP is a family business that was founded 30 years ago in the Milan area. It manufactures hydropneumatic accumulators and pulsation dampers for a variety of sectors such as the petrochemical industry, the automotive industry, the industrial machinery, or agriculture. SAIP relies on a constant innovation policy to address the specific needs of its clients, SMEs or multinational corporations, offering them tailored solutions. SAIP can also rely on its international network of distributors and specialised agents to market its products and provide technical assistance worldwide.
active Mechanical engineering and metalworking Midcap


Mathevon is a world renowned player specialising in the manufacturing of safety parts in superalloys (inconel in particular) and stainless steel that are subject to harsh environment. The company has the largest production capacity in its market, with specific machines distributed in its 4 production plants located in France, Tunisia and Malaysia.