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Working Together to Build Performance

Siparex Midcap

Siparex Midcap finances the expansion of French intermediate-sized companies via the fund Siparex Midcap 3.

Investing in companies with one of two profiles:

  • Nimble leaders in niche markets, with strong competitive advantages and a true cross-border growth strategy
  • Ambitious firms seeking to make acquisitions aimed at consolidating their market and ultimately reach midmarket size


As a trusted partner to investee company management, Siparex focuses on three major concerns involved in dealing with strategic and operational issues:


  1. Support for acquisitions
    thanks to proven expertise helping managers identify opportunities and execute their acquisition strategy
  2. Stimulating digital transformation
    by analyzing and anticipating the issues that arise from changes in business model and organization in relation to digital transformation
  3. Accelerating international expansion
    whether through acquisitions, commercial partner searches,
    or the creation of subsidiaries