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Siparex Foundation


Siparex has devoted itself to an approach as a committed and responsible investor for a good number of years and has gone one step further by creating a Foundation in 2020.

Siparex Foundation aims to finance projects related to helping people start their own businesses (training, school or professional reintegration through personal support programmes, assistance in founding or acquiring companies, etc.).

These actions must allow vulnerable people or those facing difficulties of any sort (financial, family, health, etc.) to access tools that can help them attain or maintain their place in the working world, and more generally, within society.

The actions and works classified of general interest supported by Siparex Foundation allow for the transfer of knowledge and expertise as well as the interpersonal skills that are essential to becoming independent and embarking on life’s adventures.

Siparex Foundation works under the aegis of the Entreprendre Foundation.


We are delighted to provide backing throughout 2021 to seven associations that provide assistance to vulnerable people from various backgrounds by means of projects of different amplitudes.

Siparex employees have decided to dedicate a portion of their time to some of these projects, by sharing their knowledge and skills.


T2S promotes entrepreneurship in all its diversity by providing support to entrepreneurs in underprivileged neighbourhoods.
Its commitment in favour of success is based on the strong belief that development in the outer-city areas will be achieved by supporting existing skills. In order to succeed in this mission, T2S works closely with local actors and with companies involved in societal and inclusive initiatives.


Démos (social dispositive for musical and orchestral education) is a project for the democratisation of culture, driven by the Paris Philharmonic, which focuses on the practice of music within an orchestra.

It targets children between the ages of 7 to 12 who come from neighbourhoods in towns or rural areas where there is no easy access to musical education.


La Cravate Solidaire aims to fight against discrimination linked to job seekers’ appearance during hiring and professional processes.
La Cravate Solidaire offers to help candidates get ready for their future job interviews and business meetings by giving them a suitable work outfit and interview training.
Goal: that candidates should acquire the understanding and mastery of verbal, non-verbal, and dress codes within the business world so that they can have successful interviews or professional meetings.

  60 000 REBONDS
60 000 Rebonds helps entrepreneurs who have dissolved their companies to bounce back with a new professional project, whether it is the creation of a new company or finding employment, in order to optimise the reinsertion of people in difficulty. 60 000 Rebonds is also a permanent workshop for post-failure rebound, which aims to bring about profound change in the perception of failure in France, and turn failure into a stepping stone towards success.

Ronalpia provides backing to social enterprises that build lasting, realistic solutions with positive impact for areas in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Its goal is to detect, select, and assist social enterprises in its area. Ronalpia provides the conditions for those enterprises to develop and maximise their social impact.



Since 2008, the association has been representing and accelerating the success of entrepreneurs with disabilities, who are creating companies or are currently employed. Over 300 volunteer experts and coaches devote time to ensure the success of these entrepreneurs with disabilities.


Entrepreneurs dans la Ville helps project holders to create their companies.
Created in keeping with ‘Sport dans la Ville’ and ‘Job dans la Ville’, Entrepreneurs dans la Ville is a programme that seeks to reveal the entrepreneurial capacities of young people between the ages of 20 and 35 who come from disadvantaged urban areas.
Since 2007, Entrepreneurs dans la Ville has committed to helping as many young people as possible towards entrepreneurial success by offering a free top-class programme for all those wishing to create their own businesses.