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Mécanique et travaux des métaux / Mechanical engineering and metalworking

Nowak specialises in precision casting for the industry sector (safety parts, industrial valves, construction…) and the medical market (orthopaedic implants, ancillary products). Nowak operates in several growing niche markets from which it has gained great reference and has developed its well-known client base. Renowned for its expertise in lost wax technology which enables the designing and manufacturing of complex alloy parts, Nowak is, in particular, the only independent French player having a manufacturing unit dedicated to the medical field. Nowak has a staff of 130 employees who master a high qualitative know-how, and generates a turnover of around €20M.

  • Véhicule(s) d'investissement : Siparex MidCap 3
  • Ville / Département : Pancé / Ille et Vilaine