Moving to the next level. to perform. to transform. to develop. for the planet.

Siparex is a group that is constantly moving to provide the best service to companies of today and tomorrow. From startups to ISEs, we finance and accompany great entrepreneurial adventures thanks to our platform and manage over €3 bn of assets.


  • €3.2B of Assets Under Management
  • 7 strategies
  • 10 offices in France and abroad
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You can only accompany change when you, yourself, are continually moving. Structuring, external growth, international development, transmission… Siparex assists companies in their transformation so that they can develop efficiently.

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Siparex aims to meet societal and environmental challenges, and moves continually to accompany great entrepreneurial adventures thanks to its devoted and experienced teams.
Bertrand Rambaud CEO

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Moving for the planet.

Siparex, Responsible Investor

We’ve always had an ethical and devoted view of the investment profession and have constantly made companies’ extra-financial aspects an integral part of our investment choices.

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Oct 2022 Press Releases

Watt & Well has raised equity from TiLT Capital Partners (Siparex Group) as part of a €10 million private placement

Jul 2022 Press Releases

One Equity Partners Agrees to Acquire Precision Metals, Polymers & Composites Maker Clayens Group

Jul 2022 Press Releases

Siparex ETI 5 exceeds its target with a final closing at €450 M and makes its 4th investment